UiPath to Unveil New AI-Powered Automation Innovations: How Businesses Can Win with Generative AI

UiPath, a top provider of enterprise automation software, has announced that its annual UiPath AI Summit will take place on March 30th, providing a global audience with valuable insights into the latest AI adoption strategies for enhancing their automation initiatives. UiPath, which is a leader in AI-powered automation, has developed an AI strategy focused on openness, flexibility, and enterprise readiness. Their approach includes using AI tools such as Process Mining and Task Mining to identify automation opportunities, AI Computer Vision, Document Understanding and Communications Mining to automate tasks, and productivity enhancements for developers and users across all business areas.

The summit will feature discussions on UiPath’s plans for role-based productivity and ease of use for developers and other workers. The UiPath low code development environment will incorporate AI to suggest next logical actions and generate automation automatically based on a natural language description of the process. Attendees will also get an exclusive preview of Clipboard AI, a new innovation that combines UiPath AI with Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT, Google, and others to empower anyone to automate data copy/pasting in their routine work.

The UiPath Business Automation Platform is an open platform that allows customers to easily build automations utilizing new generative AI experiences that are stable, manageable, resilient, and compliant. Customers can integrate with industry-leading AI innovations across the entire AI ecosystem including AI services from Google and Microsoft, AWS SageMaker models, and Open AI and Azure Open AI.

UiPath’s Chief Product Officer, Graham Sheldon, emphasized the importance of automation in executing everyday use cases, noting that the UiPath platform is the best way to bring new experiences to fruition in a responsible and trustworthy way. The virtual AI Summit will feature experts from UiPath, customers such as Dexcom, USI, Hub International, and Exponent Health, and partners including Amelia, discussing a range of in-demand topics to help automation professionals, business leaders, and knowledge workers understand the benefits of AI solutions for their companies.

The summit will explore the latest trends in AI and NLP and their impact on business operations, with product deep dives on Document Understanding, Communications Mining, and the AI Center. UiPath recently released OpenAI and Microsoft Azure OpenAI Connectors in public preview, which allow UiPath customers to build intelligent workflows across numerous automated use cases. The new connectors provide access to popular OpenAI text generation capabilities, including all LLMs, making them enterprise-ready for citizen developers and RPA experts.

Industry breakout sessions will cover topics such as the power of AI-driven automation in financial services, transforming insurance operations with AI-powered automation, using AI and automation for data-driven healthcare, driving mission impact with AI and automation in the public sector, and harnessing AI and automation for digital transformation in manufacturing. The summit will close with an exclusive look at the UiPath Business Automation Platform AI product roadmap, including innovations using generative AI, Machine Learning Model Training, and LLMs.

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