Core Strengths Releases Zoom Integration

Core Strengths has recently launched their latest integration with Zoom, as part of their efforts to provide personality-based communication tips within the flow of work. The Core Strengths for Zoom integration, which is the third in the series, includes Relationship Intelligence to promote authentic connections and enhance team dynamics during daily meetings.

Despite the availability of digital collaboration tools, employees still seek greater connectedness and team camaraderie in the workplace. The lack of face-to-face interactions has affected social capital and trust, leading to a growing need for relationship connections in a highly connected world. With Core Strengths’ new RQ app for Zoom, real-time communication and collaboration tips are provided to help users build thriving relationships over Zoom.

Core Strengths for Zoom offers several features, including personalized name tags for each meeting attendee, highlighting their core motives, top strengths, and conflict response to make everyone feel valued and heard. The integration also provides real-time recommendations during live video meetings to help users know what to say to each person, improving conversations and enhancing team collaboration. Additionally, the integration promotes productive meetings by enabling users to visualize what matters most to each person, leading to better decision-making.

The Core Strengths’ Zoom integration is available on the Zoom Marketplace. However, users must have a Core Strengths account and be on a user-based plan to access the integration.

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